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Accelerating the Pace of Conservation 

Triangle Land Conservancy


Improving our Lives Through Conservation

Murphy's Naturals is a company that believes in the importance of natural products and the benefits they provide. We truly believe that health and wellness come from the environment. We're all about practicing what we preach and that's why we're proud supporters of Triangle Land Conservancy.

Since 1983, Triangle Land Conservancy has worked to save the places you love and the land we need to safeguard clean water, protect natural habitats, support local farms and food, and connect people with nature. We see the Triangle region as an increasingly healthy and vibrant place to live where wild and working lands are protected and everyone has access to open space, clean water, and local food.


At Murphy's Naturals, our mission is to celebrate nature and inspire good through quality natural products. Not only do we provide amazing earth-friendly products, but we embrace the philosophy that companies have the power and obligation to help solve the social and environmental problems we face as a global community. Here are a handful of ways we give back to our friends at TLC:

  • DONATE: Last year we donated backyard bundles that were used in an Instagram contest promoting TLC's event, Wild Ideas.

  • SPONSOR: We sponsored the grand opening event of Brumely Family Nature Preserve.

  • VOLUNTEER: We volunteer with our friends at TLC by clearing fences and preparing trails at Triangle Land Conservancy's property, Walnut Hill.