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Live Pure

Our good friends in Lynchburg, Va believe plant-based and delicious belong in the same sentence.  That's why they just launched Live Pure.  Live Pure Superfood Smoothie Cubes instantly transform into rich, delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls with complete, whole food nutrition and probiotics, delivered straight to your door.  These game-changing cubes blend into smoothies and smoothie bowls packed with all the nutrition your body needs, but NEVER sacrificing taste like most healthy stuff. 

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2017 Father's Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Dads

Dads.  You gotta love em.  They're the ones who pushed you to go out of your comfort zone, seek adventure, and shaped you into who you are today.  Whether it's grilling outside, boating on the river, or hiking in the mountains, your dad is constantly on the go.  Give him some credit.  He has done a lot with you and for you.  It's time to celebrate him.  Here are our top 5 outdoor gifts to help celebrate your dad this Father's Day!

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