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Mosquito Proof Your Memorial Day

Emily Bennett

Take the Bite out of Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is coming in hot and here at Murphy's, we want to help you keep it mosquito proof! Whether you're grilling in the backyard, hanging on the patio, or adventuring in the mountains, you should be able to Enjoy Life Outdoors without those pesky 'squitoes.

Here are three ways to keep the mosquitoes from biting on your Holiday Weekend:

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

The only water you should be standing in is a lake, river, or ocean. Mosquitoes come alive in any standing water, it's literally their breeding ground. So, if you're trying to enjoy your backyard this weekend make sure to dry things up from that last thunderstorm. Overturned trashcan lids, buckets and children's toys can all collect water after a storm. Be sure to dump them before you invite your guests over.

splish splash.jpg

2. Blow Them Away

You might enjoy the breeze from your porch fan, but the mosquitoes don't. They'll steer clear from any breezy areas. So keep those fans blowing on your back porch when you're hosting the family or friends for dinner.


3. Keep Murphy's by Your Side 

Whether you're out on the porch with our Ceramic Candle, on the boat with our Leo Spray in hand, or Hiking the Appalachians with our balms in pocket, Murphy's has your back. 

Leo-Palms-Target 2.0.jpg

5 Ways to Enjoy Life Outdoors With Your Kids

Emily Bennett

With spring basically here and summer right around the corner we want to equip you with some awesome outdoor activities that will leave your kids with a greater appreciation for the great outdoors, and more importantly a greater appreciation for YOU.  Here are five ways you can Enjoy Life Outdoors with your kids this spring! And remember, keep your Murphy's handy to keep those pesky bugs from biting!

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Our New Years Resolution

Emily Bennett

It's a New Year, but here at Murphy's our mission stays the same.  We want to celebrate nature & inspire good through quality natural products.  Our goal is to Enjoy Life Outdoors and equip you to do the same!  One of the ways we're seeking to do that in 2018 is to travel more!  Here are three steps to prepare you for your adventures. Warning they're simple, but not easy. 

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5 Ways To Mosquito-Proof Your Campsite

Hart Roberts

Tips to Keep Your Summer Camping Trip Bite-Free

Summer camping season is right around the corner and we're ecstatic to escape the city, put down the phone, and Enjoy Life Outdoors!  Whether it's camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Pisgah National Forest is our go-to), along the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, or in your secret home away from home spot, getting off the grid comes with its fair share of pesky pests and mosquitoes.  Here are some tips on setting up a bite-free basecamp this summer!

1. Use Lemon Eucalyptus Spray

Never leave home without it!  Before you even leave the car to hike in, be proactive about protecting yourself along the trail--the last thing you want is to be itchy before the fun even starts.  Murphy's Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil goes on easy with a cool, refreshing scent and isn't greasy or sticky after it dries.  This highly effective and powerful stuff will help repel mosquitoes and insects for up to 6 hours.  Hopefully your hike isn't that long or you're going to need a lot s'mores at the finish line ;)

Murphys Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus

2. Wear The Right Clothing

Rumor has it mosquitoes are attracted to darker-colored clothes, so be sure to pack accordingly. Wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts and apply Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Spray directly to your clothing for an extra layer of protection.  It's DEET-free, so it won't harm or deteriorate any of your gear (clothing, tents, fishing line, etc.) like most other chemical-based repellents.  Good for the Family, Good for the Planet...Good for your Gear!

Murphys Naturals

3. Use Tent Etiquette

First things first, double check your tent for rips and holes before you leave the house.  Lay down a tent footprint or ground cover to protect the floor of your tent from wear and tear.  Double walled tents offer the best protection--an inner tent layer with breathable nylon, and an outer layer or a "fly" that's wind and water resistant.  When setting up your tent at basecamp, keep the windows and doors zipped close and always zip it up quickly after you enter and leave.  If you're getting swarmed, spray Lemon Eucalyptus Oil on the outer layer for maximum protection.

murphys naturals camping tips

4. Setup Somewhere High & Dry

Scope out a basecamp spot that is flat, dry, and offers a good breeze to keep the bugs at bay.  Also, steer clear of locations adjacent to standing bodies of water -- lakes, creeks, puddles, etc. -- because these tend to be prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  You never know when some rainy weather might roll through (we're not trying to jinx it!), so be sure to setup camp in a spot that gets plenty of sunshine to dry out over the course of the day.

murphys naturals mosquito sticks

5. Start a Campfire + Use Mosquito Sticks

As much as bugs love light, they aren't big fans of fire and smoke.  Build a fire a safe distance from your tent to stay warm, cook and provide smoke for the surrounding area.  Next, grab a couple Mosquito Sticks and place those closer to your surrounding area -- tents, chairs, picnic table, etc.  Each stick offers a slow burn (2+ hours) with a powerful mosquito & flying insect repellent punch.

mosquito sticks

Time for the S'mores

You've earned it.  Now that basecamp is setup, kick back, relax and Enjoy Life Outdoors!