Mosquito Proof Your Memorial Day

Take the Bite out of Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is coming in hot and here at Murphy's, we want to help you keep it mosquito proof! Whether you're grilling in the backyard, hanging on the patio, or adventuring in the mountains, you should be able to Enjoy Life Outdoors without those pesky 'squitoes.

Here are three ways to keep the mosquitoes from biting on your Holiday Weekend:

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

The only water you should be standing in is a lake, river, or ocean. Mosquitoes come alive in any standing water, it's literally their breeding ground. So, if you're trying to enjoy your backyard this weekend make sure to dry things up from that last thunderstorm. Overturned trashcan lids, buckets and children's toys can all collect water after a storm. Be sure to dump them before you invite your guests over.


2. Blow Them Away

You might enjoy the breeze from your porch fan, but the mosquitoes don't. They'll steer clear from any breezy areas. So keep those fans blowing on your back porch when you're hosting the family or friends for dinner.


3. Keep Murphy's by Your Side 

Whether you're out on the porch with our Ceramic Candle, on the boat with our Leo Spray in hand, or Hiking the Appalachians with our balms in pocket, Murphy's has your back.