5 Ways to Enjoy Life Outdoors With Your Kids

Spring into the Outdoors Family Style

With spring basically here and summer right around the corner we want to equip you with some awesome outdoor activities that will leave your kids with a greater appreciation for the great outdoors, and more importantly a greater appreciation for YOU.  Here are five ways you can Enjoy Life Outdoors with your kids this spring! And remember, keep your Murphy's handy to keep those pesky bugs from biting!

1. Treat yourself with Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Warmer days mean cold treats! Live near a local ice cream shop? Walk with your kids and give them something to get excited about.  Don't live close? Hop in the car and sit outside, or grab a bike and treat yourself!


2. Go For a Bike Ride

Grab and bike and go with the whole family! Cruise around the neighborhood for fun, or head to a local park so your kids can play!


3.  Camp in Your Backyard

Warm nights should be spent outside! Make it easy on yourself and stay in the comfort of your own backyard, your kids won't know the difference. Pitch the tent and watch your kids' faces light up as day turns to night. 


4. Create Your Own Slip N' Slide

Help your kids create their very own slip n' slide and watch them have the time of their lives! All you need is a camping tarp, detergent and working hose.


5. Make Water Balloons 

Balloons are great, but water balloons are even better! Cool off with your kids and listen to the sound of them laughing as colorful balloons get tossed. 


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