Our New Years Resolution

It's a New Year, but here at Murphy's our mission stays the same.  We want to celebrate nature & inspire good through quality natural products.  Our goal is to Enjoy Life Outdoors and equip you to do the same!  One of the ways we're seeking to do that in 2018 is to travel more!  Here are three steps to prepare you for your adventures. Warning they're simple, but not easy. 

1. Forget The Rules

You know the rules, the unspoken ones that tell you what's normal and what's crazy. We think crazy is good. Different is better. Go where you've always wanted to go. 


2. Pick up a Map and Choose Wisely

Pick up a map and figure out your trip!


3. Grab a Friend and Go

Getting a friend to join you will make the adventure more memorable, and it will keep you accountable to follow through with it. What are you waiting for? 


4. Be Sustainable

Bring purpose into your travel by traveling the right way! Sustainably. Book your stay at an incredible Ecolodge and Enjoy Life Outdoors!


5. Volunteer

Whether you're traveling abroad or in the states, make your trip matter by serving and Doing Others Good. There are countless opportunities to get involved, give back, and serve with causes that you care about! 


6. Pack light, but don't forget your Murphy's Naturals

Last but not least, don't forget to pack your Murphy's Leo Spray! Get ready for an awesome adventure and go Enjoy Life Outdoors!