Locally Made: Humdinger Juice

Here at Murphy's, we call Raleigh, North Carolina home. Ever since we planted our roots here back in 2014, we have strived to celebrate nature and inspire good through quality natural products. Our motto is Doing Others Good. Our Locally Made blog series will feature some of our favorite people and companies here in the Triangle. We want to celebrate other companies in Oak City whose mission is just as good as their product!

Simple, Honest, Pure Juice

Humdinger: [hum-ding-er] noun; A remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind. Humdinger Juice is made right here in Raleigh, NC. Their mission is to provide people with a real humdinger: locally made, organic, fresh, raw and nutrient-packed juice that not only tastes great, but makes you feel great. What we love most about Humdinger Juice is that it's 100% organic. Their organic produce comes from Eastern Carolina Organics, Albert’s Organics and Whole Foods. Their 16 oz. bottles are 100% recyclable, PET grade material and BPA-free. It is the safest single-use plastic bottle on the market. It is also lighter in weight, which helps reduce the amount of gas needed to transport their juice.

Do yourself some good and quench your thirst with Humdinger Juice. Check them out on Facebook,Instagram and their Website!