Keeping The Outdoors Bee Friendly

As a natural products brand we're all about helping people enjoy life outdoors. Intrinsic to this mission includes being good stewards of the outdoors so that we can help preserve it for others to enjoy! As an extension of this we wanted to share a few Bee facts, and spread a few tips on what can be done to help save our pollinator friends.

It's already well know that Honeybees provide us with a natural sweet treat, but did you know that their honey also offers several health benefits? Cough suppressant, digestive aid and allergy protection are all ways that a spoonful of honey can do you some good!

Additionally, the work of pollination done by bees is extremely important to both humans and animals. Without bee pollination, there would be a variety of foods that would cease to exist, as bees are responsible for almost 80% of crop pollination.Asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, cantaloupe, pumpkin, watermelon and almonds are all foods that we'd no longer be able to enjoy without the bees.

Unfortunately, the world has seen a decline in honeybee populations in recent years. Colonies have dropped from 4 to 2.5 million since 1970.

So what can we do to protect the bees? Plant bee friendly plants, eliminate pesticides and buy local honey. We can also support companies that are actively working to help save the bees. Check out a few that we've listed below!

Folks out there working to save the bees.

The Good of the Hive

  • Hand paints honeybee murals to raise awareness about the current struggle and population decline of honeybees

Act for Bees

  • Provides education, they recently helped create a children's curriculum called 'Love Food? Love Bees!'

Bee Project Apiaries

  • Offers an Urban Pollination Project which allows opportunities to observe and learn about honeybee hives and beekeeping

Planet Bee Foundation

  • Offers a variety of programs and resources including a corporate beekeeping program that helps companies install hives on their roofs

The Xerces Society

  • Pollinators conservation organization, launched bumble bee watch to track and conserve North American Bumble Bees

Bee Downtown

  • Installs and maintains hives, and promotes honeybee awareness and education. We love that they were able to help us install hives on our roof here at Loading Dock Raleigh! Our hives were installed last April of 2016, and we're excited to watch them thrive. Check our this snapshot of the hives progress that Bee Downtown put together last Fall.