Our Top 5 Hiking Trails Across the US

It's National Take A Hike Day! Here at Murphy's, we believe that every day is an opportunity to Enjoy Life Outdoors. One of our favorite ways to do that is through hiking! There are unique hiking opportunities around every corner, so we decided to make it easy for you. Here are our Top 5 Hiking Trails across the country!

1. Mt. Mitchell: Yancey County, North Carolina

Okay, we know we may be a little biased considering we're based in North Carolina, but you can't beat the highest peak East of the Mississippi! Mt. Mitchell is perfect on a fall day. Take in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you won't regret it. 


2. Bear Creek Trail: Telluride, Colorado

Another place that is close to our hearts, Bear Creek Trail offers spectacular views of Telluride's rugged mountainside. Get rewarded at the end of your hike with a magnificent set of waterfalls that will leave you with a Rocky Mountain high. 


3. Cascade Canyon Trail: Wyoming

Located in the Grand Teton National Park, this strenuous 13.6 mile hike is well worth it. Hike to Inspiration Point and keep going if you're in for an adventure. 


4. Bright Angel Trail: Arizona

If you have the time, the Bright Angel Trail brings you dramatic views of The Grand Canyon that you won't forget. This hike isn't for the faint of heart, a 15.5 mile 2-3 day trip is one that you'll remember forever. 


5. McWay Waterfall Trail: Big Sur, California

If you're out west, the overlook trail for McWay Falls is a must-stop. It's a short, easy hike, perfect for beginners!